Another Long Day

Yesterday was another long one — an all-day meeting at the office, followed by a quick run to the Bicycle Chain, thinking it was payday. I picked up my Park PRS-4W, which will be the basis of my welding stand, had Subway for a light snack, and then headed over to Josh’s where we built again.

I wasn’t as productive as I was on Tuesday night, but I still had a good time. Josh built up his gravel bike and I built up some fillets on the 29er frame, and sent a pic to Fang.

This weekend, I’m hoping to put a wrap on everything except the Rohloff cable stops, which are still en route, and since those are a quick silver braze, I should be able to rock the rest of it out pretty quickly once the stops are here.

Today, however, shouldn’t be as horribly bad, time-wise. I have to work at the office and at the bike shop, but I should be done by 8:00 p.m., and home not long thereafter. I’m going to eat the fettuccine alfredo my wife snagged me from the Spaghetti Factory.

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