Been Awhile…

One of the things that has actually been going right. Click to embiggen.

Been busy lately and haven’t had much of an opportunity to post anything here, but I’ve got a few things in the pipeline.

1. The Almanzo 100, while superbly organized, excellently hosted, and possessing of a beautiful, challenging course, was an unmitigated clusterfuck. I had repeated mechanicals that caused me to abandon after 25 miles, and then ride 15 miles back to the start/finish mostly one-legged. Not long after, I unceremoniously ran my bicycle (while attached to the top of my Subaru) into the overhead cover at an A&W restaurant. Sick fuck that I am, I’ll be taking another stab at it next year.

2. The oil spill worries the fuck out of me. I’m worried about BP’s lying about the magnitude, the apparent government complicity in covering up the program (reference Coast Guard threatening journalists), and so on. I’ve boycotted BP entirely. Done.

3. Framebuilding continues to be awesome. The 29’er frame is basically done — I just need to finish filing and sanding the joints and put the fork together, and then she’s off to paint. The commuter frame isn’t far behind, either. Overall, schedule-wise, I am behind. I need to get my paint masks ordered up and my head tube badge art finalized and ordered.

4. Wedding planning is chugging along. Ordering the invitations tomorrow! Going to talk to the future Mrs. Bailey about going to register somewhere this weekend.

5. One note of awesome. At my employer, people are being strongly encouraged to use-it-or-lose-it with their built-up vacation time, so Fridays around here are pretty thin. I talked to my boss about my working 4×10-hour days for the course of the summer, and he’s strongly considering it. That is what we call awesome++.

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