To-Do Tonight

unload stuff from old house into garage/appropriate places get an Ubuntu virtual machine going start getting first chapter of Blackjack Runner into Scrivener so I can, y’know, actually get this whole thing ready to rock prep for tomorrow’s work commute — bike tweaks, clean cycling clothes, etc. finish offload from old external drive to new … Read more

The Algebra of Intuition

Sometimes, being an intuition-based thinker really sucks. Yes, it’s nice to be able to leap ahead of people who are following chains of logic, but when you have to communicate your reasoning, that’s when things get difficult. To wit, there are times when I look at a problem, and just in that outward glance, I … Read more

Crushing It

Been gettin’ at it hard lately. Interviewing about twice a week. Doing 24 hours a week at the bike shop. And atop all the family responsibilities, I’m even finding time to ride. Clearly, I’m doing something right, but I am also still trying to figure out a way to start tackling some of the other tasks I need to nail down regularly. The takeaway: I’m not perfect yet, but I want to find a way to get there.

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Back At It…Sort Of

So yesterday I started a new job — it’s not a full-time gig in my career path, but it does help pay the bills while I hunt for a new gig. I’m spinning wrench in a bike shop again, this time at Bokoo Bikes, not far from my new domicile. In a five hour shift, I got my head wrapped around their workflow, did some HR paperwork, did one large-scale tune-up, and jockeyed some smaller walk-in tasks. I enjoyed it, and it set the tone for the rest of the day.

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The Joy of Project Management

The other day, I was interviewing for a Project Manager role, and I was asked what I liked about project management. It wasn’t a question I’d ever given much thought to, honestly, but I was in a highly creative environment that valued open communication, so I gave it about two seconds of thought, and dropped an analogy.

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