Scribblings #1

Wrote this particular tidbit on my way to work. You don’t go to war; it comes to you. Sometimes, it’s subtle, a nuanced whisper in your ear when you look at a dead dog or a child’s toy laying forgotten amidst the grey rubble of a shattered residential street. Other times, like now, it erupts, … Read more

Novel Excerpt

Here’s an except from my novel that’s in-progress. Just a tidbit from the first draft. Shows some definite influences of Stephenson’s Snow Crash to be sure, but I’m pretty pleased about how things are progressing, at least in quality, if not the speed. Feel free to fire back with thoughts. This whole globalization thing has … Read more

Writing as Programming

One of the reasons I always enjoyed programming was that by its nature, I could break a project apart into digestible chunks and attack each of them individually. One of the reasons I hated programming was that it was too heavy on the logic and too light on the room for creativity. With writing, it … Read more