Historically, diet has been my weak link in self-care. I eat like shit. I admit it. And as part of my rebuilding plans, I want to get better at it.

My problem isn’t a lack of willpower — it’s largely, that I am so pressed for time that usually the first thing that gets cut is meal prep. And that’s got to stop sometime. Maybe when life settles down? I’d like to start making the shift this month.

What Hasn’t Worked

Cold turkey switches in my approach to things hasn’t worked for shit. It just doesn’t work. I’ve tried doing a 180 in the food thing and it lasts 3-4 days before I fall off the wagon and start eating for convenience again. And caffeine? Shit. I try to quit soda about twice per year and never get anywhere.

New Battle Plan

The first step is phasing in my new-and-improved eating habits a meal at a time. Breakfast will be the easiest to do — the plan there is to get to 30g of protein and a low-glycemic shake of some sort in the morning. If I make the same basic thing every day that’ll make it significantly easier. After that, I plan to target mid-morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner, and pre-bed snack in that order.

Other things: slow down. Be more mindful not just of what I’m eating, but how I eat. Slow down. Chew. Start noting when I feel full so I don’t overeat.

As part of my ongoing fun, I’ve been tracking my energy levels throughout the day, based on a lot of factors. Now that I’m isolating variables to see how they impact me, I need to sit down and start looking at how my food intake messes with that. (Pretty badly, I’m guessing).

And Also

  • I need to get back to using Udo’s Oil as a supplement to drive down my cholesterol levels.
  • I need to continually go back and try foods that I thought I disliked. Because I’ve been finding that I do like things that I thought I hated. Variety will allow me to get more nutrients as I won’t be as bored with food.
  • Need to get back on the multivitamin and whey protein powder habit now that I’m going to be working out regularly again.

2 thoughts on “Diet”

  1. You and me both, brother! I have been 2/3 stepping on diet and exercise, though I have managed to lose about 10 lbs in the last month (I need the focus because I’m fatish). I’ll be interested in what works for you, my man!

    • Dude, yeah, you’ve been absolutely killing my daily walking over on the FitBit site. The Adderall prescription has been what’s driving most of my weight loss — the higher metabolism combined with the appetite suppression has my body eating itself. I’m probably going to try to switch to Wellbutrin to see how that goes.


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