Five Blogs I’d Like to Start But Don’t Have Time For

1. 10 Ideas Blog

It’d be great to do a “ten ideas” post on a daily basis. The idea comes from James Altucher, whose writing has been something of an inspiration the past few years. The thing is, I think that the really interesting part of doing a “ten ideas per day” posting is that you only see the fragments of the ideas, you don’t see that the process of generating ten ideas per day gets easier and easier to do as time progresses.

2. Book Reviews

I already took a stab at this, but I found it fucking exhausting. I barely have enough time to read, much less make a case for/against the book I just finished reading. I dunno, maybe I’ll take a crack at reviewing my books as I complete them this year…

3. Daily List of Hatreds

I did this once. But I realized that it made me focus more on the negative shit in life than the positive. Sure, there was some degree of relief in the venting, but man…I really had to stretch for things that I disliked.

4. An Ongoing Piece of Fiction, Done 400-1000 Words At a Time

Dude. I can barely find the time to write my ongoing book, much less go and chunk something together in dribs and drabs. I’d have to have a really tight/detailed outline to make something like this work.

5. Minnesota Vikings Road to the Superbowl

Because I don’t have forty years to devote to a single blog.

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