Greetings from Planet Exhaustion

It’s still early going for me where training is concerned. My back problems and a pretty nasty cold conspired to create a late start this year. I spent the last two weeks easing myself back into it, and this week, I really kicked it off. Today I spent a bit over two hours in the gym — first some cardio cross-training in zones 1 and 2, and then the weights (upper/lower/core). I’m pretty cooked at the moment — the thighs are burning, and I’m a bit cramped up in the shin muscles — but I feel pretty great mentally, and am confident I’m going to have one of my strongest seasons ever in 2015.

Tomorrow’s just a recovery ride — one hour on the trainer, taking it easy. But it also starts the week where I am going to be jumping back into things full tilt.

Kate asked me today what all this training was for.

Strangely, it’s not necessarily about any particular events. It’s more about riding with my friends — historically, they’ve always dropped me like a bad habit once the hills start or the peak of the season approaches. And I’m tired of being a hindrance to a fun ride.

That said, there’s also some events that I’m looking at this year:

  • possibly the Minnesota Ironman (a century, not a triathlon)
  • the Almanzo 100
  • the Powderhorn 24
  • potentially one other gravel event
  • maybe a partial cyclocross season

So yeah, I’m at the point where I’m transitioning from a half-assed to a full-assed training program. I’m going to be a little tired as my body adapts to the increased load, but I think I’ll be alright.

This is good.

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