My One Thousandth Post

What a milestone.  A thousand posts.  A thousand.  Kind of inconceivable, but also not surprising, given that I really kicked this off in September of 2007.

So what’s happened since I launched this site:

  1. Adopted Calvin
  2. Met Kate
  3. Started at 3M
  4. Moved in with Kate
  5. Got engaged to Kate
  6. Mooch died
  7. Framebuilding classes
  8. Married Kate
  9. Left Penn Cycle
  10. Kate pregnant
  11. Bought first house, with Kate
  12. Edwin born
  13. Left 3M for an agency
  14. Kate pregnant again
  15. Unemployed
  16. Sam born
  17. Sold house, moved to Chaska
  18. Re-employed
  19. Closed down framebuilding business
  20. Posted my 1000th post to DB.N

Going to be interesting to see where the next 1000 posts take me.

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