Recent Productivity


  • got trash/recycling out just before the trucks arrived
  • got kids dressed, fed, and schlepped over to daycare/preschool, respectively
  • applied for unemployment
  • found out that Johnny Surprise is moving to Mpls from St. Paul and he’ll only be like 5-6 blocks away
  • called mom re: babysitting
  • moved chair out of bedroom and bookshelf into bedroom
  • found the artist I want to do the tattoo on my back
  • hit IKEA
  • hit the gym — Stronglifts 5×5 and a 30-minute stationary bike session
  • therapy


  • got kids to daycare/preschool
  • went and bought winter boots for the boys
  • worked on job hunt stuff
  • cleaned out the van
  • scheduled parent-teacher conference for Sam
  • read big chunks of Station Eleven
  • cleaned and organized bedroom
  • laundry

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