Sabbatical Checklist

So on August 1st, I lost my job. Laid off. The upside is that I’ve already landed a replacement gig elsewhere and I’m excited about the opportunity. So here I am. Waiting for my start date on the 29th. So I guess this means I’m on sabbatical for a bit, and that I need to have a to-do list of shit to accomplish.  Thus (priorities in italics):


  • Finish Udemy course
  • Finish 3 sections in French (Duolingo)
  • Finish reading my Python book


  • ride Cayuna
    This was epic. Cuyuna‘s everything it’s cracked up to be. I need to get back there without the kids. Maybe this coming Saturday?
  • ride Eagan Bike Park
    Wow, what a shit hole. Pass.
  • ride Cannon Falls trail
  • MTB repairs/crank upgrade

Nerdy Shit:

  • finish CalibreAlfred interface in Python, put it on Github
  • get off of DigitalOcean and onto Microsoft Azure
  • brainstorm possible YouTube channel
  • brainstorm podcast stuff
  • inventory Magic cards
  • build D&D world for kids’ campaign


  • finish Zelda: Breath of the Wild playthrough
  • learn to play Machi Koro
  • learn to play Ganz Schön Clever


  • scrub carpets
  • vacuum car
  • install dash cam
  • organize desk
  • kids’ school clothes shopping


  • get caught up on reading goal
  • outline novel
  • write chapter one?

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