Sniffing Out ANT+ Device IDs with Arduino

I’ve previously mentioned the shitstorm I’ve been dealing with in getting my Garmin Edge 705 and my Powertap SL+ to get back on speaking terms with one another. In my research, I found out that I could manually enter device IDs into the Edge 705 to pair them to one another. But how to get the ID number? Well, that’s not so easy. Some Garmin devices will report on nearby IDs, but the Edge 705 isn’t one of them.

Re-Enter the Dashbrain

Once upon a time, I envisioned building a device, based on Arduino and ANT+ that would convey all my ride data straight to a database via cellular link, in real-time, and would display that information online in realtime, so you could pull up a web page and see where I was, and see all my fancy ride data as-it-happened. I never got around to it (sadly), but I did get a bunch of the stuff, including the Arduino, an ANT+ board (from Sparkfun), and a few other things.

Actual Project

Develop a quick Arduino hack that’ll survey the nearby area for ANT+ devices and log their ID numbers in a way that’s meaningful.

I’ll post schematics and downloadable code on the site. Open source, yo.

Next Steps

Come up with cool project name. Project: ANT+ Farm.

I’m going to get the hardware linked up. The first iteration of the software will simply turn on an LED when ANT+ devices are present and broadcasting data.

There will be more parts to this forthcoming.

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