Saturday Battle Plan

Hot Items kitchen clean/sweep entryway fold/put away laundry (my least favorite thing ever) clean/tune-up road bike Nice to Do work on freelancing site work on novel for 30-45 minutes shave face research VA disability claims write at least one blog post for next week read a good chunk of current book straighten garage put bike parts … Read more

Five Ways in Which I am NOT Awesome

So I originally started writing this as a “Five Reasons I am Awesome” post, but man. That pulled up some aspects of my personality that I’ve worked very hard to shave down and keep in check. Also, given my general contempt for whining, I am going to follow up each entry with what I’m doing … Read more

Five Habits I Want to Develop

A good friend responded to my Feburary 28th post with five pretty legit ideas for posts, so I’m taking these cues and running with them. 1. Daily meditation. For the mental healths. 2. Riding to work 3x per week from April through November. For the physical healths. I’m starting with 2x per week this year … Read more

Weekend Goals

relocate computer out of baby’s room get dynamic DNS going on home systems get kitchen spotless make dinner on Saturday night technically. we reheated a bunch of the homemade pizza I put together on Friday night endurance ride Saturday weights on Saturday goof off with kids goof off with wife write part two blog post … Read more

Thursday Night To-Do List

recovery ride of approximately 20 minutes in duration clean the hell out of the kitchen maybe do the #bikeschool thing tonight snuggle with wife reconfigure wireless printer to work with new router setup get in touch with Alex re: a beer/food sometime soon inventory and mark-up the tubing for the CX bike, which is out … Read more

Sunday To-Do

put new trainer tire on road bike recovery ride respond to work emails design logotypes for new frame read more of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance  clean up Chrome bookmarks replace doorknob on front door Also accomplished: cleaned kitchen cleaned litterboxes took trash cans to curb QA tested the wife’s chocolate chip cookies