Another Weekend Recap List

Friday: • worked at office • bought packing supplies • dropped tubing off with Vincent for lathe work • started packing Saturday: • cleaned apartment for showing • more packing • dropped off acetylene regulator for rebuild • long shift at bike shop, stayed late, helped A-train with his website • cleaned, stripped, and re-waxed … Read more

Another Weekend in the Books

Man, I’m exhausted. But happy. A few highlights: • TempCat™ has gone back from whence he came. I’ll miss the little bastard. During the last few weeks, he’s become more affectionate and playful and has been fun to have around. I also won’t miss the little bastard. Five cats is just too damn many, and … Read more

Accomplished Today So Far

cleaned kitchen cleaned litterboxes got partially up and running established mailing list for same updated software on Mac OS X played bocce in the park with Kate and her nephews watched nephews run around park like madmen To do yet: work on frame re-wrap handlebars on road bike pack books from office pack DVDs

Framebuilding 101: Need to Know

There are things I wish I had paid more attention to in school that would help me a lot with my framebuilding. Math. No, seriously. There’s a lot of geometry and algebra used when designing a frame. Sure, there are programs that will handle all that for you, but man, geometry skills that I haven’t … Read more

Good Things

• My new heart rate monitor should be in at the shop today. The battery leaked inside my old Polar and killed it. Kate’s got a matching one in this order, too. • Apparently I am perfectly suited toward endeavors such as starting my own company. Rock on. • While I’ve been jonesing for an … Read more

2010 Media Input

Here’s the media I’ve digested in 2010.1 I’ll save my commentary for the end of the post. Books • Eragon by Christopher Paolini • The Data Book by Noguchi-san and Fumiyo Noguchi • The God Engines by John Scalzi • Judge Sn Goes Golfing by John Scalzi • Eldest by Christopher Paolini • Infoquake by … Read more