So yeah, I haven’t mentioned it here yet, but Eddy came home last Thursday night. And holy crap, what an adjustment. I can now change a diaper faster than I can field-strip an M-16A2 rifle. I can’t do it blindfolded yet, nor do I relish the idea of trying. He’s been a barrel of laughs and the D-SLR has been getting quite the workout.

We Call This Look "Crumpleface"

In other news, I accepted a new job and resigned from my current job today. Nothing like throwing another log on the Fire of Change. I’m very, very excited about the new gig, in which my title will be “Client Services Manager”…the money is better, the benefits are good, and it’s an excellent career step at a company that’s been growing strongly and is regarded as among the best small companies to work for in Minnesota. Who can argue with that?

Reading is plugging along nicely. I’m back in the habit where I’m reading multiple items at once, which is usually what happens when I’m reading something deep or dry or really involved. Simultaneously, I’m reading a bit of philosophy (Machiavelli), a pregnancy book, a book full of articles by renowned scientists and thinkers, and a science fiction novel. Normally, I would prefer not to do such things, but it’s actually going pretty darn well.

Finally, let me cut out with Chris Cornell covering Dolly Parton’s1 masterpiece, “I Will Always Love You”.

1. Partial ownership of this song claimed by that artist who just died recently, whose Name Shall Not Be Spoken™.

3 thoughts on “Things That are COMPLETELY AWESOME”

  1. He looks so strong and healthy! I’m so glad you got to bring him home, I can’t imagine how hard it was while he was in NICU.

    lol, when you make changes, you REALLY make changes. Next up, you’ll be moving into a new house. Good luck with the new job, Dan. I’m really happy for you and your family.

    • Oh yeah, having him in the NICU was tough. And yeah, he’s chugging along — piling on the weight and length. And he’s such an incredibly chill baby.

      Um, already did the new house. Back in July. 🙂

  2. Dan,
    You’re really rocking the Change thing – and it looks like it’s really working for you. Congratulations! Now if I can just win ONE game of WWF…


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