Weekend Battle Plan

During Friday Lunch:

  • Order new bike helmet

Friday After Work:

  • longish commute home, going to try to get 20-25 miles in, mixing in some hills and some intervals nixed due to late departure from the office
  • new brake pads on Salsa
  • take race wheels off Salsa, replace with the 32-spoke Mavic Open Pros
  • pizza movie night with the boys
  • start garage organization
  • beer?
  • try to finish reading Armada
  • panic slightly every time I realize that the Powderhorn 24 is only two weeks away


  • long road ride — maybe the Fléche, or a ride with Johnny Surprise, depending on how I feel early morning-ish
  • some LEGO® time with the boys
  • more garage org work
  • “test” OpenEmu on the MacBook
  • structure non-fiction book
  • try to get a wrap-up done on the email marketing book, find someone on Fiverr to do a cover design


  • final clean-out and button-up of the Chaska house
  • die

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