What Shall I Write?: the 2015 Edition

Every so often, I will start floundering with the blog a bit. This is one of those times. And when I do, I usually go ahead and ask the few readers I have to suggest topics for me to write about. This is one of those times. Drop requests in the comments section of this post, and I’ll select a whole ton of them to reply to. I don’t do a lot of vetting of the Names/Emails that are provided, so you have some anonymity if you’d like.

So, you can request anything you’d like:

  • things about me that you don’t already know or are curious about
  • my views on current events/politics/whatever requires opinions
  • reasoning behind my actions
  • the fate of a previously-mentioned project or goal
  • future plans
  • my career and topics related to it
  • my hobbies and topics related to them
  • whatever

Topics can be as inane or as in-depth as you want. I reserve the right to ignore requests, and I’m going to hit a lot of the ones that I think seem fun to write about or will be a challenge to work through.

So. What do you want to know about?

6 thoughts on “What Shall I Write?: the 2015 Edition”

  1. 1. Failures you suffered in the last year, what caused those failures, and what you learned from them.
    2. Reflections on the Year in Chaska.
    3. Up, Down, Left, Right, Forward, Back; when I look around, what do I see? What do those things mean to me?
    4. Families are like jigsaw puzzles – they aren’t complete without all of the pieces. What role do you play in the family? Kate? Sam? Eddie?
    5. The wheels on the bike go round and round… what are your cycling goals for 2015/2016? What steps are you taking to prepare for those goals?
    6. The wheels on the job go round and round… #5 redux with career goals.
    7. The wheels on life go round and round… #5 redux with personal goals.

    • Hey, thanks for dropping that over here. 🙂

      All of these are pretty good. #4 might be delayed a bit because of the work Kate’s doing in therapy and the work I’m doing in therapy. 😀


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