2015: Reading Review and Metrics

This series has become tougher and tougher to write, as I amass more data every year and life gets more and more busy, which further delays the posting. Yes, I’m talking about shit that went down in 2015 in September of 2016. And, sadly, this is mostly just wankery for two reasons:

  1. I do this to satisfy my own curiosity.
  2. It doesn’t really spark much in the way of conversation, usually.

This year, I’m making use of TablePress so it should make for better reading of the actual list (and sorting by various data types, I think). Additionally, I’m using Google Web Fonts, some fancy-schmancy CSS3 stuff, and Google Charts to present elements that were previously boring flat graphics, so I’ve got more coding than I usually do…

Okay, so how’d it go?

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2014: Reading Metrics

It’s that time of year again!  Time to kick some ass in the metrics department.  Here’s the deep-dive look at my reading in 2014 and how it went. (For my 2012 metrics, see this entry. There are no 2013 metrics for a variety of reasons.)


At the beginning of the year, I set the goal of reading 50 books in 2014. As unemployment crept onward during the first half of the year, it began to look unlikely — as of May 1st, I was 8 books behind schedule. Once I got re-employed, and started taking public transportation in early June, my rate of consumption accelerated rapidly.

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Halfway Home: Reading Metrics for 2014

It’s July 1st and the year is now half over.  I’m sure you’ve seen my reading metrics for 2012 prior to this, and yes, I’ll be doing a post with that level of detail at the end of this year.  For now, though, let’s do a quick progress check on the ol’ reading metrics and see where shit’s at.

Book goal: 50, per my Goodreads account.
Current books read: 22
Current number of pages read: 7627

I’m behind the curve to hit my goal for total number of books this year (50), but I am on-pace to beat 2012 and fucking crush my 2013 reading volume.

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Revisiting 2012: Movies

I’ve been meaning to get to this post for awhile now, and with the kid, the framebuilding, work, and more craziness in 2013, I haven’t been able to sit down and really dig into my analysis. So, here’s some insights into my viewing list from 2012.


As of 2014, I don’t watch movies like I used to. Hell, I don’t even track them anymore (maybe in 2015?). I’m honestly a little surprised at how many I watched in 2012 — both in number and in total number of minutes.

Number of Movies Viewed


This works out to a movie every 6.5 days — slightly more than once a week. Not bad considering we had a new baby at home. Or not surprising. Babies spend a lot of time sleeping on you when they’re young, and it makes it particularly easy to sit down and watch a movie.

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Revisiting 2012: Reading


I’ve been meaning to get to this post for awhile now, and with the kid, the framebuilding, work, and more craziness in 2013, I haven’t been able to sit down and really dig into my booklist analysis. So, here’s some insights into my reading list from last year. (For the list of titles and thoughts on them, along with my movie-watching, please refer to my 2012 Media Intake posting.)


I read a lot of science fiction, which is typical. I also read for entertainment more than anything else and was very quickly grabbing time wherever I could, as the kid kept me pretty busy. Two books really sucked the life out of me — Stephenson’s REAMDE, which was a letdown from about a third of the way through, and 1634: The Ram Rebellion, which completely annoyed the shit out of me. The former took over a month, the latter took a month.

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