Cycling Gear That Kicked Ass in 2023

Northern Frameworks Custom Ti Gravel Bike

I added a lot of gear to the pile in 2023. Prior to separating from the kids’ mom, I didn’t spend a lot on bike stuff, and over the years, I had more and more stuff that was broken, falling apart, or barely operational anymore. Combine that with adding a new gravel bike to the … Read more

DAMN Planning, Preparation, and Strategy

So the DAMN (Day Across Minnesota) is my big target for the year — a 242-mile gravel race starting Gary, South Dakota and ending in Hager City, Wisconsin. It’s going to be brutal. It’s going to be a gut-punch. I’m actually excited for it. A group of us from the bike shop have been planning … Read more

Accomplishments: January 2024

January always feels like the calm before and after the storm. The chaos of the holidays is over, but the insanity of the year is going to ramp up soon. Thus, I was reluctant to plan much for January. Thus, it was a short list. AZ-104 Certification This to-do was my white whale of 2023. … Read more

Things I Believe, 2024 Edition

I believe that Amazon is doomed for reasons that probably entail writing a whole damn blog post about it. I believe that I’m the happiest I’ve ever been in a relationship because at the very beginning we had open, vulnerable conversations about what we wanted and needed out of a relationship with each other. I … Read more

Accomplishments: December 2023

After a fucking awesome November, I was pretty confident at the start of the month. I decided, again, to throttle myself, especially with the holidays coming up. So I set up, what I thought were some pretty reasonable goals for the month. Resume Training Holy shit, yes. I took a couple weeks off after the … Read more

Closing Out 2023

I used to do a recap post every year, going all the way back to my early involvement with Livejournal. This seems like a good year to pick up the habit again, given that 2023 was the longest decade ever. Additionally, I’m also going to massively change the format. It used to be that everything … Read more

101 Things in 1001 Days

Years and years ago, in this blog, I used to do this thing called “101 Things in 1001 Days”, in which I’d attempt to do everything on a list in a reasonable amount of time. I was never highly successful at it, basically because I was an overambitious idiot and frequently in situations in that … Read more

Accomplishments: November 2023

With some travel to Tucson in the agenda, plus Thanksgiving, plus work stuff, and a social life and all that shit, I was going to have to be fucking realistic about my to-do list for November. I kept the list to short, manageable tasks, and anything else was just going to be gravy. Linguistics Coursework … Read more

Season/Training Recap: 2023

This was my first year where I consider myself really back at it. Taking cycling seriously again. Training regularly, cleaning up my diet, targeting at least a few events. I knew back in January that I had to get my shit together and I was wanting a new bike, so I ordered a custom titanium … Read more