construction work

So yeah, some changes have been made to this site. There’s still some legwork to be done, for sure, but I’m largely complete. I’m off Digital Ocean’s hosting and onto Microsoft Azure. Wait…Dan using a Microsoft product? Sure. I’ve been working on getting certified in it for work, and as such, using it for practical/personal … Read more

Holy Shit…Really?

So things are a bit crazy right now. Okay, a lot crazy. I haven’t really updated much lately, and this will probably be my last real blog post before I completely rebuild this site from scratch. Should we get down to it? We should. I’ll probably break it down by categories, as usual, but first…

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Parental Failure: Books

One of the hardest things for me to deal with as a parent is that neither of my boys likes to read. Language has always been difficult for Eddy, as I’m sure I’ve detailed elsewhere in this blog, and Sam had a good chunk of kindergarten and first grade curtailed by COVID-19, and that’s impacted … Read more

Well, Fuck

This will be my first update of any sort in months. I’m not going to blather about the following topics: the pandemic the Minneapolis riots the elections the insurrection my marriage/separation the kids First off, let me just say that 2020 was fucking weird, yo. What would otherwise would have been the Shittiest Year on … Read more

Top 5 Geeky Tattoo Ideas

Tony Stark in his Mark VII armor (sans helmet), next to Bender Bending Rodriguez, their arms around each others’ shoulders, obviously drunk, hoisting bottles of whiskey. A group of Porgs and Ewoks, roasting Han Solo over a campfire while C-3PO sits above them all on his wooden throne, laughing evilly. Ralph Wiggum as the Buddha, … Read more

What I Believe (2020 Edition)


I believe — with evidence[ref]All that human infrastructure like sidewalks, for example.[/ref] — that the Cars movies are set in the same universe as Maximum Overdrive. I also believe — without evidence — that The Golden Child and Big Trouble in Little China are set in the same universe. I believe in beer. I believe … Read more

Loving Winter

I’ve been back in Minnesota for almost 18 years now(!) and haven’t left. It’s my longest stretch of staying in one place by a factor of three, maybe more. The last few years, winter has really been on my last fucking nerve — shoveling, falling on the ice, cars that won’t start, etc., etc. I’d been thinking about getting the fuck out of here for warmer/milder weather, but then something happened recently.

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Seriously: Not Dead

It’s been a crazy 2019 — working two gigs, a full-time role that includes leadership responsibilities, and a part-time gig fixing bikes (now snowboards and skis). Just wanted to let you know that I’m a.) not dead, and b.) planning on an actual update to this site in the near future.

Still Grinding Forward

So I haven’t updated lately, and that’s mostly been by design. It’s not that I’m not in the mood — it’s more that I have so much going on that I have to let things give somewhere along the way. The blog updates are one of the many things that’s had to slide a bit … Read more