Five Things I’d REALLY Do If I Won the Lottery

1. Grant at least 20{3b4d110c5d1596d2297e6430d163d306168bc3d03da137601e3ed8beb4b12205} of my winnings to charity — Home for Life, the ASPCA, and other animal charities would likely top the list. 2. Have my own CubeSat launched, to look at the viability of an M2P2 mag sail. Because I am a giant dork. 3. Travel the world/completely nuke my bucket list. … Read more

Five Geeky Web Project Ideas

1. A Twitter list manager that’s actually fucking usable and not a giant security risk. 2. Decent Strava plugin for WordPress. 3. An implementation of micropayments for content and downloads using cryptocurrencies. 4. A life metrics platform. Something that’s useful for doing everything from tracking sleep, exercise, food, to-do lists (productivity), health, etc., all rolled … Read more