Hi. Obviously, I’m Dan. The short form version of me is this: I’m a dad to two awesome boys, I have an awesome partner, and we live together in Minneapolis with our complicated-but-wonderful little family.  We’ve got a dog and a couple of cats.  I’m a giant nerd.  Browse around in this blog and you’ll figure that out pretty fast.

I make it a point to always be learning, which you’ll figure out pretty quickly here, if you decide to follow along.

I’m not neurotypical — I’m afflicted with ADD, which has proven to be, well, challenging.  I’ve taken care to find ways to compensate for that, including a bunch of time in therapy as well as experimenting with various systems to keep myself productive.  It also makes me jump from subject to subject as my interests wax and wane — though that’s been less of a problem since I hit my 40’s.

I love bicycles.  A lot.  Expect to hear a bunch about that here, too.

It’s unlikely that I’ll talk much about my career directly, but I will talk about nerdy web dev shit every so often.

Regrets?  Sure.  Goals?  Definitely.  An amazing life to this point?  Hell yes.

3 thoughts on “About”

  1. Heck yeah, it’s me. And yeah, right now with my condition, you’d whomp up on me. And that’s alright.

    As for regular readers — I’d guess it’s about a dozen, tops.


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