The bike has been a huge part of my life since I learned to ride back in the 1970’s. I really got serious about it in the early 90’s, and have raced a lot of disciplines — road, mountain, cyclocross, gravel, BMX, and track. I’ve even taken a course on framebuilding and for awhile I was building custom steel frames (which I’d like to get back to).

These days, I ride for fun, mostly, and do a few races here and there. I daydream about starting a YouTube channel (because the world needs another 50-something white male’s voice, ugh), or opening a bike shop.

The Current Fleet

  • 2007 Salsa Campeon
  • 2010 Pallas Athena Custom Hardtail
  • 2015 Surly Steamroller
  • 2021 Specialized Fuse Expert
  • 2023 Northern Frameworks Custom Ti Gravel
  • 2023 BMC Roadmachine (on-order)

Photos and deeper specs forthcoming.

Notable Retired Bikes

  • 2017 Trek Farley 5
  • 2007 Salsa Las Cruces

Blog Posts

  • General Bike Stuff
  • Framebuilding
  • Training

Upcoming Events

  • Tour de Tucson

Completed Events and Links

  • Filthy 50 (2023 edition)


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