Travel Log and Links

It wasn’t until 2021 that I really started getting some more travel under my belt as I started making it a priority again. This is an ongoing log of what I’ve been doing and what’s pending/planned/in-discussion. Where possible, I’ll add links to write-ups on how things went.


  • Chicago (long weekend)
  • Rocky Mountain National Park (long weekend)


  • New York City (long weekend)


  • New York City (working vacation)
  • Seattle (Microsoft Build conference)
  • Europe (full write-up)
  • Tucson (cycling event)


  • North Carolina (wedding)
  • Indianapolis, Indiana (total eclipse, booked)
  • Bahamas (honeymoon, booked for late June)
  • Cayuna Lakes (weekend overnight MTB riding, July, needs booked)
  • Rocky Mountain National Park (family camping trip, booked)
  • Las Vegas (for the Killers concert, late August, booked)
  • Florida (September-ish, would be Eddy/Me only, to see a SpaceX launch and tour KSC)
  • Tucson (cycling event)


  • TBD; nothing international because we’re buying a house
  • discussed: long weekend in Chicago
  • discussed: mountain bike weekend in Duluth
  • discussed: mountain bike weekend in Cayuna