I was inspired to create this after reading the now page on Derek Sivers’ site. I’ve heard him interviewed on several podcasts and have been harvesting his insights and thinking when I think they’d be useful for making my life better.

Last updated: June 20, 2024, from my home in Minneapolis.

Getting Married

Di and I are getting hitched on Saturday the 22nd and leaving for a honeymoon not long after that. This represents the freeing up of a lot of brain cycles — it’s been our big focus for the last six months. I mean, we’ll probably end up in a spot where those brain cycles will all be shunted to the next big milestone: purchasing a house.

Back to Training

My back seems to be improving a lot lately, which is nice. I won’t be ready for the DAMN this year, but I can be ready for the Tour de Tucson, which Di and I will both be riding this year. I’m planning on hitting the fitness center while we’re on the honeymoon and doing some planning while we’re on the beach, so that I have a solid battle plan for the rest of the year.


I picked up a guitar at the end of April. I’m learning. Not quickly, but I am learning. Going through the basics slowly, while fucking around with tab. Trying to figure out how to play “Here Comes the Sun” by the Beatles (Di’s favorite song by them). It’s a good, meditative practice. I like it. Also ordered my first pedal earlier this month.

Non-Fiction Writing

Starting to outline the ideas I want to cover, just to make sure that everything gets addressed in the first draft. This is going to be an interesting diversion from the usual fiction writing that I do.