Five Things Worse Than Gas Station Sushi

Gas station sushi was a topic that came up frequently with an old friend. It’s still the first phrase that pops into my head when I see something horrible. For this list, I decided to come up with things that were even worse.

  1. The swimming pool monster in Stranger Things[ref]Freaked me the fuck out. Stopped watching. Also, I think this is what gas station sushi eventually evolves into.[/ref].
  2. MRE Sushi[ref]No such thing exists. Banned by the Geneva Convention.[/ref].
  3. The Hoboken Roll.[ref]A human finger, rolled in broken glass and wrapped in a dirty bandaid.[/ref].
  4. A Donald Drumpf presidency[ref]Next stop: The Hunger Games![/ref].
  5. Gags the Clown.[ref]He’s real, and he roams Green Bay, Wisconsin in the evening.[/ref].


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