Holy Shit…Really?

So things are a bit crazy right now. Okay, a lot crazy. I haven’t really updated much lately, and this will probably be my last real blog post before I completely rebuild this site from scratch. Should we get down to it? We should. I’ll probably break it down by categories, as usual, but first…

The Rebuild

I’m going to carve this site down significantly because, honestly, it’s a bit rambly and all over the place. This is going to entail a whole new build of the front-end, which will be good for working on my dev skillz. And the content is going to be pared-down and focused more on the following:

  • geeky shit — things I make, personal projects, maybe some D&D, etc.
  • bike shit — rides, progress, etc.
  • travel — because I like it

And with that said, let’s talk it out by categories, shall we?


I haven’t mentioned it on here yet, but Kate and I separated last June and we’re on the way to being divorced. I suspect we’ll be filing soon, and that’ll be that. The kids seem to be rebounding well, we’re doing okay at co-parenting, and have them in therapy.

Cat-side of the family, Calvin was diagnosed with hyperthyroid this week, and I’m going to get him in for the radioactive iodine treatment. It’s expensive, sure, but he’s also family, and he’s worth it. The cost might seem steep, but it’s also a very effective solution to the issue, and if it gets us a few more years of having the little rascal around, it’s worth it. Especially when you consider how traumatized Eddy would be if “Little Bud” were to die.


Working at an agency I love, with people I really enjoy being around. I’ve made a change in career track, and I am now a solutions engineer (strategy + dev work) and am tracking toward becoming the tech team lead. I’m pretty excited with how it’s all going. I’ve never been happier at an employer than I am right now.


Holy shit. Been riding a LOT this year. Bought a new Specialized Fuse Expert (alloy hardtail) in January, and my god, it’s a beast. I love this bike. It definitely revitalized my riding — that and getting into a mileage competition with all the mechanics at the shop. So I’ve been chugging along and am on-pace for more annual miles than I’ve done in the last 10 years, maybe more.

Nerdy Shit

Planning a D&D campaign. Yeah. NERRRRRRRRRRD. Also have assembled the stuff to rebuild a Nintendo Gameboy Advance SP. So that’ll be some of the first content up here after the site rebuild.


Going to Chicago this weekend. Hitting up Vegas in September, including a side-trip to do some hiking in Zion National Park.

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