Parental Failure: Books

One of the hardest things for me to deal with as a parent is that neither of my boys likes to read. Language has always been difficult for Eddy, as I’m sure I’ve detailed elsewhere in this blog, and Sam had a good chunk of kindergarten and first grade curtailed by COVID-19, and that’s impacted his confidence. As a result, both of them have a tentative relationship with the written word. I can read to them, but they seldom spend time on their own reading.

Meanwhile, their dad (me) loves to read. Can’t get enough of it. A lot of where I am in life is because I’ve made an ongoing effort to continue to educate myself and to try to see the world through new perspectives.

But try telling that to a 7-year old or a 9-year old. You’d have better luck convincing a brick wall. At least they like being read to.

They both go back to school this month, and I’m hoping that helps a lot. I’m going to start looking for more avenues for getting them invigorated about reading.

Parents of the Internets, how did you get your kids psyched about reading?

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