Accomplishments: September 2023

So September has come and gone, and thank god, because it was exhausting. I knew that I was losing half the month to my European vacation, so this month’s big to-do tasks were going to be substantially truncated. To that end, my goals were:

  • Kick some ass on the last course of my college degree.
  • Work on the D&D setting for the campaign I’ll be running, starting in January of 2024.
  • Enjoy my vacation.

So how did it go?

College Course

The downside to the course was that I had to bash through a bunch of it while in Europe — this entailed doing some reading and writing while on planes and trains, and fortunately it didn’t cut into my vacation time too much. It’s a “go at your own pace” online course, which is nice, so I was able to keep it to a minimum for the two weeks, but it was also a nice diversion while on trains, planes, and in airports. Win.

D&D Setting

Hell yeah, got this going on. Got the world map done, but now I want to make some edits. Got a notes file in Obsidian, and I’m plugging away at building things out. Win.

European Vacation

This was fucking incredible. Blog post coming later this week or early next. Win.

Other Minor Accomplishments

  • Survived a horrible mountain bike crash the Sunday before we left for Europe. More on that during the next training update.


  • None.


Don’t crash your mountain bike so badly you need to go to the hospital before your vacation.

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