What I Believe (2020 Edition)

I believe — with evidence1 — that the Cars movies are set in the same universe as Maximum Overdrive. I also believe — without evidence — that The Golden Child and Big Trouble in Little China are set in the same universe. I believe in beer. I believe in persistence. I believe in the concept of the siesta. I believe you should stay the fuck home right now, stupid pandemic. I believe in the Oxford comma. I believe in that the Olympics should be for amateurs only. I also believe that this series of posts might have run its course. I believe that eventually the Vikings will win a Super Bowl. I believe that Macs are superior to PCs and I will fight you on this. I believe that the only barrier to electric cars becoming widely adopted is their price tags. I believe that if you have two bikes that are absolutely identical, except for color/brand, that the one that is a Bianchi in celeste green/blue is the superior bike, period, hard stop. I believe that Disney is going to royally fuck up the Deadpool franchise.

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