Rebuild Underway

So I’ve finally gotten my shit together with regards to the rebuild of this site. I’ve nuked a significant percentage of my old posts here — mostly the inane bullshit — and that’s knocked me down from ~1400 or so posts down to 180-something. I’ll be going through those a second time. I’m also going to be redoing the imagery, and getting some stuff cleaned up.1

Thematically Speaking…

I’ll probably talk more about web dev, bike stuff, productivity, and general geekery. Less about the personal stuff, probably. I’ve historically been all over the place which, y’know, hallmark of ADD and all that. The cool thing, though, is that I’ve managed to rein a lot of that in — I’ve developed a system that allows me to better manage my personal life, workload, and so on. There’s a few other undertakings that I have back-burnered at the moment that may sneak their way into this blog, too. We’ll see.

Remaining Fixes

  • imagery
  • new content types
  • get SEO working
  • create new content

Why Bother?

Well, honestly, with Twitter on the decline, and Facebook lost in the wilderness, I’m of the opinion that the age of social media is coming to a close, and I dunno, maybe we can get back to personal blogs again? I miss those days.

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