Accomplishments: May 2024

Coming into May, I knew that I had a lot of stuff coming up for the summer, and that I was going to be pinched for time in May (and June) of this year. So this month’s goals were to blast through a pre-set list of smaller tasks, in an attempt to at least be making progress on something.

  • catch up on unfinished Lego sets
  • wedding prep stuff
  • work with Eddy on learning to clean/organize his room

Unfinished Lego Sets

I had this accomplished by mid-month — the focus was on wrapping up sets that I had started but not finished. I had the 10317 Land Rover Defender Classic set, which had been languishing for a few months that needed wrapped-up, and I had a Toothless build that was based off of someone’s MOC instructions, that had been languishing for almost a year. It was nice to finally bang these two out, and I did resist the urge to start another large build before the wedding/honeymoon. Win.

Wedding Prep Stuff

I decided I wasn’t happy with my grey suit for the wedding, so I went out and got the same one, but in black. The boys’ outfits were ordered/purchased this month, and we got every guest’s Lego minifig assembled. At this point, we just need haircuts and to show up for the ceremony next month. Win.

Work with Eddy

I’ve known that this has been an issue for awhile now. Eddy cannot focus long enough to accomplish anything re: cleaning his room, and he has had a hard time not getting cranked-up over the fact. May was going to be the money in which we spent time working together on his room so that he could learn strategies around approaching work and getting the essentials done first. ie.: how to not procrastinate. This isn’t a get-it-done-in-a-month project, though — but we got started. Win.

Other Accomplishments

  • Got both kids back into therapy.
  • Fine-tuned the fit and the mechanical stuff on the new road bike.
  • Been pretty consistent with my guitar lessons.
  • Blasting through some more of Tears of the Kingdom. Which could also be considered a blocker, but it’s necessary for completing my 101 Things.


  • Dog psychologist work.
  • Office workload spilling over into personal life.
  • Time management issues.


I need to break bigger tasks down into smaller ones before putting them on my to-do list.

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