101 Things in 1001 Days

Years and years ago, in this blog, I used to do this thing called “101 Things in 1001 Days”, in which I’d attempt to do everything on a list in a reasonable amount of time. I was never highly successful at it, basically because I was an overambitious idiot and frequently in situations in that didn’t accommodate the time commitments required for getting my ambitious lists done. So, with life in a different situation altogether, I’m going to try it again. Here’s my list of 101 things that I want to accomplish by September 26, 2026.

I’ll provide write-ups on each item’s progress in my monthly productivity posts, and I’ll provide full-write-ups as I complete things.


  1. Marry this girl. Done. December 2023.
  2. Buy a house together.


  1. Finish the century-length Tour de Tucson.
  2. Finish the Filthy 50 with a four-hour (or less) time.
  3. Do three brevets of increasing distance (200km, 300km, 400km). (0/3)
  4. Build up a new road bike. Done. March 2024.
  5. Buy Didi a new full-squish mountain bike. Done. January 2024.
  6. Get the kids into the Buck Hill race series (with me).
  7. Take a mountain bike skills class.
  8. Put new wheelset on the Fuse (hardtail).
  9. Buy myself a new full-squish mountain bike.
  10. Build a criterium-specific bike.
  11. Figure out the tool storage issue.
  12. Write an updated business plan for opening a bike shop.
  13. Buy a Chris Kvale frame.
  14. Ride the Valley of Tears gravel, probably in 2025.
  15. Ride the DAMN. In-progress. Registered. Training.
  16. Get the Surly repainted.
  17. Ride at Ray’s Bike Park in Cleveland, Ohio.

Web Nerd Shit

  1. Build the Scoutreads site. In-progress.
  2. Get at least two Microsoft Azure certifications. (0/2) In-progress.
  3. Contribute to an open source project.
  4. Get the danbailey.dev website up and running. In-proress.
  5. Start a YouTube channel.
  6. Start building the Garage Rocket project.
  7. Build Countdown app for iOS.
  8. Develop a Todoist/Wordpress Widget.

Generally Nerdy Shit

  1. Go see all the Apollo Command Modules that went to the moon. (0/10)
  2. Get a new t-shirt design done and posted to Cotton Bureau and other places.
  3. Buy/build the new Avengers Tower set. (Lego)
  4. Get a display case and finish building the UCS Millenium Falcon set. (Lego)
  5. Get my D&D campaign world finished; start running it. In-progress.
  6. Submit a design to Lego Ideas.
  7. Do 365 brain puzzles (sudoku, ken ken, crosswords, etc.). (365/365) Complete. April 2024.
  8. Visit the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum.


  1. Finish Baldur’s Gate III.
  2. Finish three Zelda games I haven’t completed. (0/3) In-progress.
  3. Buy a gaming PC. 😬
  4. Get KSP2 going.


  1. Get my weight below 195; keep it there. In-progress.
  2. Clean up my diet. In-progress.
  3. Exercise at least 3x/week for 52 weeks. (15/52). In-progress.
  4. Two new tattoos. (0/2)
  5. Get teeth whitened.
  6. Be able to do 50 push-ups without stopping.
  7. Be able to do 15 pull-ups.
  8. Get cholesterol and triglycerides into normal ranges. Done. March 2024.
  9. Get Lasik.


  1. Family camping trip to Rocky Mountain National Park. In-progress. Booked.
  2. Take the boys to London.
  3. Florida trip with Eddy to see KSC and a launch.
  4. Honeymoon in the Bahamas. In-progress. Booked.
  5. Japan.
  6. Las Vegas. In-progress. Booked. #90 and #91 will happen here, too.
  7. Zion National Park.
  8. Philadelphia.
  9. Colorado snowboarding trip.
  10. Go see the 2024 solar eclipse in April. Done. April 2024.
  11. Washington, D.C.
  12. Yosemite.

Written Word

  1. Read at least 150 books. (11/150) In-progress.
  2. Write a novel.
  3. Write a half-dozen short stories; submit. (0/6)
  4. Write a non-fiction book. In-progress.


  1. Have three months’ of expenses set aside in an “oh shit” savings account. In-progress.
  2. Get my spare change bin (a 5-gallon spring water bottle) half-filled. In-progress.
  3. Get a new financial advisor.
  4. Budget for ongoing monthly stock investment.
  5. Pay off remainder of student loans.
  6. Pay off outstanding debt. Done. March 2024.
  7. File my VA disability claim.
  8. Read two books on investing. (0/2)


  1. Finish my bachelor’s degree. Done. March 2024.
  2. Start a second bachelor’s degree.
  3. Do at least six Udemy courses. (0/6) In-progress.
  4. Learn Blender.
  5. Master Python. In-progress.
  6. Master Javascript.
  7. Take more snowboarding lessons.
  8. Sign up for martial arts classes.
  9. Learn Japanese.
  10. Learn to make beer.
  11. Take a cooking class with Di.
  12. Take guitar lessons. In-progress.


  1. Make another bike frame.
  2. Build a bike gear locker with slots/drawers/spaces for all my riding gear. Done. March 2024.
  3. Build a homebrew radio telescope.
  4. Start an open source hardware project to crank out an Apple //e clone.


  1. Go to at least five concerts. (0/5) In-progress.
  2. Go ziplining.
  3. Drive a supercar.
  4. Plant a tree.


  1. Get myself a decent drone.
  2. Get a new set of really nice kitchen knives.
  3. Buy a snowblower.
  4. Get Didi set up with a woodworking space.
  5. Get a 3D printer up and running.
  6. Upgrade the trigger and sights on the Glock 19.
  7. Get the Lego Ghostbusters HQ set. Complete. May 2024.
  8. Get a powder snowboard.
  9. Switch over to Burton Step-On bindings.

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