Accomplishments: June 2024

Going into June, I didn’t expect to get a ton of shit done in my personal life projects, largely because I was going to be up to my ass in wedding preparations. I was also going to be spending the last week of the month in the Bahamas on my honeymoon, so I was probably going to be reading books and decided that I was going to organize my month’s accomplishments around that. To wit:

  • Blast through more of Tears of the Kingdom
  • Read a bunch of books
  • Wedding housework

Tears of the Kingdom

Toward the end of May, I blew through the Wind Sage portion of the game (finally, after blundering around unlocking towers, venturing in the depths a bit, and basically being mostly aimless), and I decided to spend June getting through two more regions — Goron and Gerudo. So I’m closing in on being done with the game, which is pretty sweet. Once this is done, I’m going to move on to A Link to the Past, which has been sitting in my to-play pile for far longer than I care to admit. Anyway, I finished up the Goron regional (Fire Sage) issue on June 9th, and the Gerudo (Electric Sage) issue on June 30th. Win.


I entered June way behind on my goal of 55 books for the year. Fortunately, some travel and a good amount of beach/poolside time was just what the doctor order. This month, I managed eight books, and a significant portion of another (40% of Ra by qntm). Here’s the list:

  • By All Means Available by Michael Vickers
  • Abaddon’s Gate by James S.A. Corey
  • Curious Notions by Harry Turtledove
  • The Anthropocene Reviewed by John Green
  • Kobold Guide to Worldbuilding, Volume 2 edited by John Joseph Adams
  • The Game Master’s Book of Astonishing Tables by Ben Egloff
  • Valuable Humans in Transit and Other Stories by qntm
  • Guitar Zero by Gary F. Marcus

I didn’t fully dig out of my hole, but I should have Ra finished soon and be in a position where I’m mostly caught-up for the year.

Wedding Housework

Oof, so much had to be done here. This was my most-important to-do for the month, and I did crush it. I did the following:

  • Moved stuff to storage. (Mostly unbuilt Lego sets, to be honest.)
  • Cleaned the basement.
  • Fixed the basement railing.
  • Tons of yard work.
  • Added a bunch of Hue bulbs for automation.
  • Made packing lists.

Minor/Other Accomplishments

  • Got married without any drama or anything like that, had a very chill honeymoon.
  • Got Eddy’s room back to organized/clean. Helped him a lot on this one and it went great.


  • The kids were without daycare during the week leading up to the wedding, which was a minor shitshow. As usual, a little co-parenting, and some scheduling flexibility made everything work out nicely.
  • Had some drama around my mom’s care, but it’s all mostly sorted out now.


I was smart about my goals for this month and set them within the context of the big event (the wedding) and the second-biggest event (the honeymoon). The end result was a pretty successful and productive, while moderately stress-free month.

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