My 2011: Video Games

Yeah, I’m 39 years old. Probably means I’m getting too old for video games, right? WRONG. They keep the brain and the reflexes sharp. I’ll keep playing them. Granted, it’ll never be like my teenage years again, but still. Playstation 3 Medal of HonorThis one gets filed under “meh” — seriously. While the increased realism … Read more

BFBC2 Suggestion

Been playing the hell out of BFBC2 lately (username on there is “Fontosaurus”), and not much else. Just found out my brother is on the PC version, and have heard that you can play PS3 vs. PC. Whether or not that’s true is something that I can’t seem to Google. All this mayhem has given … Read more

Weekend Update

Friday night, I played a lot of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (hereinafter to be referred to as BF:BC2), which was a good thing. Kate had the day off and spent time at her parents’ place before helping Allie with her wedding invitations. I was asleep before she got home. Saturday, there’s not much to report. … Read more