Five Things That Hurt My Soul Something Fierce

1. The inevitability of death and how our short lifespans render us largely unable to make meaningful impact on the universe we inhabit. 2. That in the face of a largely uncaring and hostile-to-life universe, that people would take issue over something as fucking trivial as the color of someone else’s skin or what imaginary … Read more

What I’ve Learned in 2015

• I like Frank Sinatra‘s music. • That it’s possible to lie to yourself for years and convince yourself that everything’s fine, even if it’s not. • If your flight has a layover in O’Hare, then a trip from Minneapolis to Detroit will take more time than a direct flight from Minneapolis to London. • … Read more

The Work

September has seen me getting better. And I’m grateful. The work I’ve been doing has been paying off, and I feel happier, more content with things, especially as I creep closer to having a clear cut battle plan for what the future is going to hold.

So what have I been doing lately?

Well, there’s personal therapy, my physical work, and the personal work I’m tackling.

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What I Believe In (2015 Edition)

As part of my growth, one of the things I want to do every year, is to look at what I believe, the underpinnings of who I am morally, spiritually (though the atheist in me cringes at the word). What are my belief structures? What makes me tick? I think this will be a beginning of the year thing, rather than the end. The purpose is to give me something to look back at in the coming years, to see how my beliefs have changed, and to remember what’s important to me.

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