Saturday Battle Plan

Hot Items kitchen clean/sweep entryway fold/put away laundry (my least favorite thing ever) clean/tune-up road bike Nice to Do work on freelancing site work on novel for 30-45 minutes shave face research VA disability claims write at least one blog post for next week read a good chunk of current book straighten garage put bike parts … Read more

Weekend Update

Friday: had an MRI/x-ray series of the cervical and lumbar sections of my spine pizza & movie night with the family Saturday: hung out with the boys in the morning cooked fried chicken for dinner (my batter recipe needs work) finished The Hobbit, which I’d (strangely) never read before went to the Omnium Bike Shop … Read more

Double Header

Hey, look, a rare two-posts-in-one-day double header! I’m going to do a bunch of blog posts Monday through Wednesday of this week since most of my readers will be absent on the 3rd and 4th of July to celebrate our nation’s birthday in the traditional methods of explosives, alcohol, and emergency room visits. Expect 2-3 … Read more

Weekend Accomplishments

farewell lunch with my friend, Shay, who will be summering in France, then moving to Korea to teach English clipped my fingernails cleaned the kitchen several times changed the litterboxes picked up the living room wrote blog posts mowed the fucking lawn from hell cleaned-up ebook library finished reading Century Rain read some of A … Read more

Weekend Recap

Pretty good weekend, actually. Started on Friday night with some low-key time with the wife and kid. Saturday, Eddy and I went and visited nana (grandma), then swung by Grand Performance to visit with Johnny Surprise for a bit. Then, Kate, Eddy, and I went to visit the tax guy for some signatures, and then … Read more

Weekend Fun

So the weekend is kicking off with some fun — the kid’s going to the babysitter, and Kate and I are going to have a quick dinner at Mac’s Industrial before going to the Atmosphere concert tonight. A good time will be had. Tomorrow, Eddy starts swimming lessons. Holy crap! My little guy is getting … Read more

The Weekend? Oh Yeah, That.

Friday: Had lunch with Bob. Kate and I looked at houses in Bloomington with realtor. Unpacked the fixture and other cool stuff. Saturday: Worked at the bike shop until noon, cut loose due to shitty weather. Went to Nels’ place for the semi-annual beer fest. Drank. Did not get drunk. Sunday: Woke up, went for … Read more