New Car

Yesterday was crazy busy. A run to a pumpkin path/apple orchard in Delano for maternity photos. Then we bought a metric ton of apple-based products (cider, salsa, butter, bread, and yes, apples) before heading back to the city. I did a basic clean-out of the car, and then we went and looked at Hondas. We … Read more

This is When the Shit Starts to Break

Subaru Odometer

So the Subie hit 100,000 miles this morning on the way in to the office. You always hear that that’s the point when all the stuff on a car starts to break. The mechanic that handles my more-simple tasks (spark plugs, struts, etc.) scoffs at this and says that “until they hit 160,000 miles, Subarus … Read more

Things I Think

• I’m very happy that there’s going to be an NFL season this year. I’m not happy that the SportsCenter app keeps going off every two minutes with an NFL signing announcement, and so far all the Vikes have managed to do is cut some good players and sign a mediocre receiver away from Chicago. … Read more

$5 per Gallon?

Gas prices have already hit $4 per gallon , and the doom-n-gloomers say it could go as high as $5 this coming summer. That’s some serious ouch right there. And here I’d been looking at replacing the WRX in the next couple of years with something family-friendly-yet-sporty (I was looking at a Mini Countryman S … Read more


So based upon recent discussions surrounding finances and our priorities right now (savings, house, kid, workshop) and such, it’s more or less come down to having to keep this beast for another couple of years. She’s at the 94,000-mile mark, and they’ve been pretty hard miles. And I’ll be pouring some money into her for … Read more

WRX Update

So I took her in to the dealership this morning. First they told me that they had no loaners for me (and that they couldn’t loan an Acura to a Subaru driver), and that Enterprise wouldn’t be open until 0730. Then they only took about 45 minutes with the car, during which time they told … Read more

Day 13: Your Mode of Transportation

As a typical American, my primary mode of transportation is a car. We’re a two-car family, of course. I’ll begin with describing mine. My personal car is a 2005 Subaru Impreza WRX. It’s the wagon variant, and it’s a nice blend between utility and fast-as-hell. It’s got a few aftermarket mods, like a catback exhaust, … Read more