Minneapolis Custom Bicycle Frame Builders

No love for Minnesota frame builders. Maybe it’s because we’re too cold. Maybe our pro sports teams aren’t particularly good. Maybe it’s our Scandinavian stoicism. Whatever the case, we get no love when it comes to judging the bike-friendliness of various cities throughout the country. Though I’m hearing rumors that Bicycling is calling us the … Read more

Progress Made

She’s coming right along. And I’ve actually been thinking that I may run a 29’er set up as a “super ‘cross” for the aforementioned Almanzo 100. So far we have the headtube, downtube, BB, and seat tube joined up. Everything is within .1mm of where it should be. (Yes, 1/10th of one millimeter.) It’s coming … Read more

Review: NiteRider MiNewt Mini-USB Light

The NiteRider MiNewt Mini-USB Light is an ingenious little product despite it’s slightly clunky name. NiteRider, who has always produced high-quality lighting systems for bikes, has created a device that is great for the office commuter. The highlights of the system are it’s easy mounting and removal from your bike — the battery mounts to … Read more

Greg LeMond’s Dumbshit Idea

As the years have worn on, Greg LeMond has taken a turn in my eyes and appears to have become a bitter, curmudgeonly old man. As soon as Lance Armstrong won his first Tour, Greg has begun muttering about doping and cheating as if it’s this new, horrible thing that has ruined cycling. As Lance won more Tours, more events, and eclipsed LeMond’s success, Greg’s complaining, drama-creating, attention-seeking garbage became more loud and more pathetic. When Floyd Landis won* a Tour, Greg was vaulted into the limelight more directly. I always found it strange that Greg never gunned for Tyler Hamilton — but oh, that’s right, Tyler Hamilton never “tainted” Greg’s legacy by winning a Tour de France.

So, eventually, everything went away. Landis was found guilty of doping and was summarily suspended. Lance was in retirement. And we didn’t hear much from Greg.

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As amateur athletes, we often struggle to find the balancing point where hobby and the rest of our lives overlap — and that overlap can be both time and financial. Being an endurance athlete isn’t cheap in hours or dollars, and often we get so caught-up in that we miss the bigger picture. Yesterday my … Read more

Obama Endorsement

This cyclist endorses Barack Obama for the Presidency. Because he’s clearly a long-time cyclist and his platform actually includes a bike plan. Actually, that’s not my only reason for endorsing the man, but I’ll post about that at a later date.