Making for a Bike-Friendly City

Bicycle Parking at UC Davis

Chicago recently passed laws to institute fines against motorists who cause accidents with bicycles. As a cyclist, I think that this is a great thing.

I’m fortunate to live in a city (Minneapolis) where we take cycling seriously — as both recreation and a form of transportation. But even with that level of commitment to the activity, we still have issues with being protected by the police. I know of multiple people of the type who would admit to fault if it was theirs, who have been hit by cars, assaulted by motorists, and so on, only to have the cops write up a report that blames the cyclist (if they bother to write a report at all). While these laws are a great contribution to making Chicago a more bike-friendly city, and something that Minneapolis should institute as well, they are unlikely to do any real good.

To make this change more immediate, a few things have to happen:

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Obama Endorsement

This cyclist endorses Barack Obama for the Presidency. Because he’s clearly a long-time cyclist and his platform actually includes a bike plan. Actually, that’s not my only reason for endorsing the man, but I’ll post about that at a later date.