Hacks: September 2016

How much longer before I exhaust the “saw” metaphor with the featured images for these posts? I mean, really. I don’t know what I’d do next — bad authors1, maybe? Anyway, here’s what I got up to in September. Hint: it isn’t a whole lot.

Let’s Start with the Bike

In September, I attempted to make a 3D-printed “wrench” for removing the battery cover from an old Cycleops Powertap Pro+. It didn’t go well, so I ordered the part and proceeded to tear open the aforementioned hub to get the innards working again. That was successful, so now you’ll have to hear me whine about my power output again.

I didn’t get going on the CX Build, but I’ll be resuming that soon. I had a good convo with Alex about getting it finished up in the near future, though, and we’re going to tackle that.

I’ve also been reading the first in a series on carbon fiber layup/creation — John Wanberg’s Composite Materials Fabrication Handbook #1 — as I’m trying to get a better feel for what goes into it.

No YOU want to build your own carbon composite bike frame.

3D Printing

Still ordering parts for the homebrew printer — the rate of acquisition has been slowed, however, by the fact that I just dropped $20K on new siding for the house. Oy.

My regular access to kick-ass printers has been reduced somewhat — at work, my department moved to a different building, and there’s a lot more people on a lot fewer printers. It’s okay, though. I’m not sweating it too hard.

I’ve also been researching prices on printing with steel, for a personal bike project. It’s an option. Additionally, I could also put the parts on a sprue and print one of those for investment casting purposes, but hopefully it won’t come to that.


Not much to report here — just moved some of the functions I’ve created for this site into their own standalone plugin. I was tired of them getting eradicated every time I updated my theme. Really, this is something I should have done years ago.

Also been noodling around with a subset of Iceberg, which is a plugin that works with the notification systems in iOS/Safari, Chrome, and Firefox. There are other plugins out there that perform these functions, but mine will have a few layers of awesomesauce to it that will allow me to integrate it with some other plugins I’m building. I also need to do up some logic so that if someone is signed up for both iOS/Safari and using Chrome on the desktop that they’re not


Bought a Rogue One set, and also set up a Lego page here on the site where I’ll be sharing LXF files. Not much else to report here.

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