Hacks: June-November 2017

This post hopefully closes the gap on the shit I’ve been doing since my last update about my ongoing tinkering/goofing around. This summer/fall was pretty busy, most of my time was spent hunting for a full-time gig and doing freelance work. There was a lot of housework, and errands, and so on, but there was a little bit of tinkering, too.


Hoo. Not a lot of excitement here. Spent a chunk of my summer reading up on JSON for a personal project. Things I did delve into more deeply, though:

  • ZURB Foundation framework
  • CSS Grids

3D Printing

I got the framework for the printer assembled (and then reassembled when I had to add a few things to support the addition of the parts for a second material). I’ve decided to move forward with the plan to print with ABS for my main material and use PVA for a support material. The latter is water-soluble, which is super-awesome. I’ll need to find a way to control the humidity around the spool so that it doesn’t end up sticking to itself. Hoping to have this sucker done and final in January.

As part of the process, I’ve been taking tons of pictures and doing some filming, too. I’m going to put together a quick video of the build once it’s done, and post it here, along with some test prints and a review of whether or not I managed to meet my project goals.

CX Frame

Dead pause here, yo. I’m holding off until I decide what to do next. One of the plans for the 3D printer is to use it to make the molds so I can start monkeying around with carbon bike stuff. If I go that route, it’s likely that my first frame will be a carbon cyclocross frame. Makes me question whether I should put any more effort into the steel one.1

Singlespeed Build

Paused. Being mostly no-income through the summer and fall resulted in not being able to afford to buy the last thing I needed — the wheels. I’ll probably order those in March or April. Somewhere around there.

What I Learned

  • CSS Grids
  • ZURB Foundation



For December

  • align 3d printer frame
  • finish hooking up electronics for 3D printer
  • start building wordpress/buddypress site

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