Hello, Bike

My training schedule got interrupted by my grandmother’s funeral and the drama surrounding it, and I’ve been waffling a lot about what to do. So I’m getting back to it tonight after work — starting with an endurance ride and weights, followed by a good soak in the jacuzzi. After the gym, I need to check the fit of the rear wheel and crank on Fang’s 29er frame that I’ve been working on, and finally get around to cleaning up the bike room.

In other bike fun:

• I think I am going to buy a couple of the Sufferfest videos for use as training tools — I hear good things about them, and am eager to make use of them.

• Paul’s bike is about an hour or two of work away from being ready to go to paint. Finishing three fillets and finalizing the back-end alignment is basically all that’s left.

• Fang’s 29er isn’t far behind it. I’ll be working on the rear-end alignment in the next couple of days, putting on the cable guides and bottle bosses, and getting the seatstays in-place. In fact, it’s my only focus on Sunday this week.

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