Remember Me?

Been awhile since I’ve really had an update on here other than my weekly Fantasy Football clusterfuck, and my monthly check-in on the progress with the Total Money Makeover. So without bogging this down into a giant yawner, here’s what’s going on.


Getting better with every passing day. Kate and I are attending counseling on a monthly basis and we’re learning a lot about each other, ourselves, and how to communicate better. It’s amazing how much change can happen with just a couple of months of dedicated effort. (I think it also helps that Kate and I are both tackling our personal issues independently of one another.)


Eddy, Zonked

Doing great! His language has been exploding like crazy lately, and it’s hilariously awesome. About three or four times a day, Kate and I are looking at each other, asking, “Where the heck did that come from?”

Last night, for example, when I went to put him to bed and tuck him in, he very excitedly exclaimed, “Kitty’s sleeping on my bed!” Happy was less than thrilled by this announcement and proceeded to depart.

The language skills are exploding like mad the last week or so.


Me and Sam

Sam is pulling himself up on furniture, and walking along edges like crazy. I have a feeling he’ll be taking his first steps before he’s a year old, just based on his daredevil, go-everywhere mentality. Keeping up with this kid is already tough — once he’s walking, it’s going to be even worse.

His language skills seem a lot further along that Eddy’s were at this point. He mimics sounds he hears us make, and still uses “mama, dada, and Eddy” sort of in context. He also makes sounds that resemble “hi” and “cat” — but only in passing. I have a feeling we’re not going to be waiting for him to speak.

Other Things

Reading, writing, contemplating bike stuff.

Hoping to have my first non-fiction e-book published within a month or so. Nothing super-complex, but full of useful e-marketing stuff.

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