Solving Police Violence

With the Michael Brown case having brought the issue of militarized police to the forefront here in the U.S., it’s important that we start discussing the issues that are at-hand, but we seriously need to think about solutions.

First of all, we need to deter violence as the immediate solution by police. To that end, here are my technical solutions:

1. Every cop wears a recording device. That device records everything that occurs around a cop in high-definition video, with audio, and in full color at a minimum of 60fps. Those recordings are encrypted and stored remotely in real-time, on remote servers that cannot be accessed by any member of the police department or the district attorney. Any access to data in the servers must be made to the third-party agency controlling them. No data shall be deleted from these servers.

2. For the purposes of handling crowds of greater than 50 people, remote drones shall also record the interactions under the exact same technical requirements and conditions.

Surrounding this, enact the following rules:

1. Tampering with a police recording device, whether physically or by electronic means, by members of the police department, is a federal felony, punishable by five years in prison. This timeframe doubles if the action was undertaken by an officer while committing a crime.

2. Data from the recording will be used for the purposes of prosecution and will not be limited to acts of homicide.

3. The agency that controls access to the data stored on the remote service shall not employ anyone that has worked in any capacity as a member of any police or military force, a law enforcement union, nor the legal system, nor anyone convicted of a felony, as to prevent bias in the system.

That’s my quick thinking on the topic. Would you add anything to this?

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