What I Believe In (2016 Edition)

I believe that Mister Rogers was about the closest to the embodiment of the Buddha that’s walked the Earth. I believe in love and science — those are my religion. I believe my integrity is important. I believe that having a logical explanation for something does nothing to reduce the magic of its existence. I believe that standing in the rays of the sunrise is the best possible start to the day. I believe in being the Big Spoon. I believe that there can be interesting magic in stream-of-consciousness writing. I believe that constraints and rules make for amazing creations. I believe that good sex comes from communication, creativity, and caring about your partner’s pleasure first. I believe that the GOP has fallen into irrelevance and has to resort to gimmicks, mascots, and showmanship, to cover up for their complete lack of ideas that are acceptable to the average American. I believe that Dan Savage and his campaigning for a GGG (good, game, and giving) mentality has done more to advance the cause of rational, enjoyable sexuality in this country than any two other people. I believe that there might actually be too many superhero movies being made — Peak Superhero, if you will. I believe that I might actually be starting to like baseball again, but that I don’t have the time or energy to follow it religiously. I believe that the Back to the Future trilogy was damn near perfect and that it should never be rebooted or remade or re-anythinged. I believe in the awesomeness of El NiƱo winters. I believe that Texas should be kicked out of the Union, but Austin can stay if it wants. I believe that Marvel comics are far superior to DC. I believe that genre fiction is just as good and as important as “literary” fiction. I believe the FAA trying to regulate drones is like NASA trying to regulate model rockets. I believe that if you hire someone for their expertise you need to shut up and listen to what they tell you, even if you don’t like it. I believe that beers don’t pair with food — they pair with the seasons (ask me about this). I believe that I need to make a kick-ass effort to get onto Jeopardy! because it’s awesome and I’m awesome and I have a head full of trivia (and room for more), plus I’d get to use “What is the Magna Carta?” and “I’ll make it a true daily double!” and it’d make a couple of my friends very happy. I believe that defense spending should never comprise more than 25% of the federal budget, and since they’d be giving up so much money, we could spend more on education, NASA, and infrastructure.

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