Running Life

I used to be a runner, but not by choice. My endurance sufferfest of choice has always been cycling. However, for a few years, the Army had me running around like I was being chased or some shit. It came to a head at Fort Bragg, when a short day was a 5-miler, and we … Read more

Bike Habits

Once again, I reached out to Twitter for ideas on what to write here. That resulted in yesterday’s post about my diet, which wasn’t a barn-burner, but it really got me thinking about how to approach the problem. Today, I repeated the process, and got this one:

My on-bike habits are something that evolve over time — my food preferences change as I experiment, and my music tastes evolve over time, too.

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Historically, diet has been my weak link in self-care. I eat like shit. I admit it. And as part of my rebuilding plans, I want to get better at it.

My problem isn’t a lack of willpower — it’s largely, that I am so pressed for time that usually the first thing that gets cut is meal prep. And that’s got to stop sometime. Maybe when life settles down? I’d like to start making the shift this month.

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Training Continues…

So last year during the Powderhorn 24, I inadvertently left my Edge 705 computer running the whole time, and it ran out of juice somewhere around 5:00 a.m. And then decided that the Powertap was at-fault for this and that they were no longer on speaking terms. I haven’t really bothered to try to solve … Read more

Training Update

Things are going pretty well. Sunday marked the start of my last week of AA weights, which I’m grateful for. It’s getting a little stale. All things considered, however, I’m very pleased with my progress to-date. I can’t remember the last time that my legs were this defined this early in the year. I’m two … Read more

Greetings from Planet Exhaustion

It’s still early going for me where training is concerned. My back problems and a pretty nasty cold conspired to create a late start this year. I spent the last two weeks easing myself back into it, and this week, I really kicked it off. Today I spent a bit over two hours in the … Read more