Training Update

Things are going pretty well. Sunday marked the start of my last week of AA weights, which I’m grateful for. It’s getting a little stale. All things considered, however, I’m very pleased with my progress to-date. I can’t remember the last time that my legs were this defined this early in the year. I’m two weeks away from Build 1, which is the four-week span in which the really heavy weights and strength gains happen.

3 sets, 30 reps. 14-inch box step-ups. Body weight + 50 lbs.
3 sets, 30 reps. 14-inch box step-ups. Body weight + 50 lbs.

My overnight resting heart rate is in the high 50’s, meaning I’m not in great shape yet, but I expect that to be in the 40’s by mid-season, easy. (Thanks, FitBit, for making this easier for me to deal with.)

Thus far, I also remain injury-free which is a great thing. I did feel a little twinge in my right knee during some step-ups on Sunday, but I suspect that was largely because I was off-balance and the knee moved in a way that it shouldn’t have. The pain didn’t recur, so I’m not overly concerned right now.

Not sure when I’ll be on the bike outdoors. It’s been a pretty sweet winter so far where snowfall is concerned, and it’s been a bit warmer than last year — the usual days-upon-days of shitty low temps and tons of snow hasn’t really materialized. I’m hoping to actually be able to get out and tackle 30 Days of Biking in April, but we’ll see. It depends on a lot of factors.

Unrelated to Training But Still Bike Stuff

I’ve got the money scraped together for my CX tubeset. Largely Columbus Zona. S-bend stays, straight-blade unicrown steel fork, set up for cantis and discs.

What’re You Up To?

How’s your off-season training going, Minnesota? Non-Minnesotans, feel free to taunt us in the comments with descriptions of your warm weather and open roads.

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