Five Crossover Events I Hope to See In My Lifetime

Much like the new twists on traditional products (“Pepsi Blue? Sweet! Oh wait! Eww!”), and like any good geek, I cannot resist crossover events. This is why I got sucked into the Marvel Comics universe when I was in my late teens and early twenties. In honor of that, here’s my list of of crossovers I really want to see.

1. Star Trek: The NerdNext Generation/X-Men.

Oh wait. No one wants to see that. But they did it anyway.

2. Bad Boys/Beverly Hills Cop.

Will Smith, Martin Lawrence, and Eddie Murphy reprising his role as Axel Foley, all together in Miami? With guns and explosions and half-nekkid women everywhere? And the traditional Michael Bay pan-around-in-a-rising circle while our heroes pick themselves up off the ground shot? YES PLZ.

3. So You Think You Can Dances with Wolves.

We’ll leave out Kevin Costner and keep the wolves. The hungry, hungry wolves. And then force B-list celebrities and retired athletes to try and dance with them.

4. The Total Monkey Makeover.

In which Dave Ramsey tries to teach financial planning/common sense to a bunch of bonobos. (One could argue that that’s effectively what he’s already doing.)

5. Barney/Jurassic Park.

The Great Purple Satan versus a pack of velociraptors? TWO MEDIA PROPERTIES ENTER, ONE MEDIA PROPERTY LEAVES.

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