Hacks: January 2017

It was a tough month for tinkering, but I did manage to get a few things done. Mostly little things, but in the interest of having a nice, complete record of my 2017 work, I’m updating anyway.

(There’s a series detailing my 2016 tinkering.)

Hacked my NES Classic

Not an easy task on a macOS machine, but I did manage to get it done. Running hakchi 2 under Wine wasn’t exactly doing it. I finally settled on a VirtualBox install with Win7 on it. Added about a dozen games, including classics like 1943, Super Dodge Ball, RC Pro Am, Rygar, and Bionic Commando.

This has got me thinking a lot about building a Raspberry Pi emulator, which you can do for about $45 in spend (board, memory card, case).1


Very little to report here — January was pretty busy at work and I’d get home at night and work more, or just be too exhausted to work on any personal code of note. The only thing of note was that I started building a new webserver for myself — it’ll primarily be running WordPress sites, and I’m setting it up to run PHP 7 and MariaDB (instead of MySQL). So far, so good. Hope to have that up and running in the next few days here.


Stalled. I keep holding off on this because I want to have Eddy involved in the build, but at the same time, I don’t ever seem to have time alone with him. We tried building a Lego kit the other night and with Sam involved, everything got frustrating and time consuming because a 3-year old doesn’t have the same approach to the build that a 5-year old does.

I may just buckle down and start assembling stuff this week and then have Eddy help with the “final assembly”…because I really need to get this thing done so I can move on to other interesting projects.

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