Maker Stuff: March 2018

My inner maker was pretty happy in March. I got a lot done, most of it on the coding side of things. Part of the credit here has to go to the last place I was contracting at, which didn’t have enough incoming work to warrant keeping me around, and so I wound up “on the bench” — which means no office time, but no pay, either. That means I was at home for a good chunk of the month and working on these things (when I wasn’t job hunting, interviewing, or doing housework).


There’s the Eyeballs project. I cranked that out in a few hours because I was bored and wanted to work on a merger between the bash shell on my laptop, and the WordPress instance that runs this site. It’s an opportunity for the voyeuristic types to spy on what I’m doing on my laptop.

I also managed to get one of the two client sites done and out the door. The second is waiting on files from the client so that I can get them live and running. Oy vey. So frustrate. In the meantime, I’ve been pulling together a pretty basic, non-flashy WordPress theme with custom content type and taxonomies that will become a code repository that holds the shit that I frequently re-use. I’ll be letting anyone have at it — it’ll all be licensed under the Creative Commons. I expect that that’ll be live in April sometime. Sooner, rather than later. I also started work on a new template for this site, too, and that’ll probably be ready to rock by the end of April.

If it seems like I’m spending an inordinate amount of time on the web/code stuff and less on the other stuff, you’re right. I’ve come to some realizations about my geekery lately, and I’ll be posting about that in the near future.

3D Printer Project

Still on-hold. Maybe I’ll finish the frame and the wiring in April. Maybe.

CX Frame/Bike Stuff

The CX frame has been on-hold for quite some time now. I need to buckle down and get that done this spring. When considering what needs to be done, it’s not that much more work — just the seat stays, the fork, and the clean-up on the fillets.


Been writing a short story in my brain. I want to get it done in April and submitted. I really should work on getting my writing going again, honestly, which would mean finding a writing group, and starting to actually, I dunno, produce some written words.


Been breaking down all my built kits and getting them at least somewhat sorted so that we can find parts. Right now, with the size of my collection and the amount of space I have, I have largely been sorting by color. When you have a lot of Star Wars kits, that means a lot of grey — three shoebox-sized plastic bins full.

What I Learned in March

  • Started tinkering with CSS Transitions and CSS Grids.


  • Nothing notable.

For April

  • get code.DBN up and live
  • make serious progress on the new template for this site
  • 3D printer: finish frame assembly and wiring
  • file down the fillets on the CX frame

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